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Bonus 1 – Bite-Sized Boot Camps

Balance Challenge – The Vertical Life Reimagined

Click the image below to fill in and download the worksheet.

Test 1

Test 2

Standing and sitting in chair & couch – no hands

Ease of rising from the floor

Weeks 1 Exercises

Balance Videos:

You will need a timer (app on phone works great)

A towel or unstable balance option like a foam pad:


Standing & Sitting Posture Work:

No props needed

Week 2 Exercises

Floor work: Pick 1-2 options and practice daily.

Balance work: Go to video Balance is Power LEVEL 2

Week 3 Exercises

Advanced Balance Exercises: Pick 1 advanced option and practice daily:

You will need a half-round foam roller like this one:


Floor work:


Suggested Reading: Balance is Power by Jim Klopman